Accident Management - elliotts


Here at Elliotts we know how stressful car accidents can be. This is the reason we provide an accident management service for customers and businesses alike. Our professional management of car accidents makes the unpleasant experience stress and worry free for you. Whether the car accident was your fault or not, we will handle the entire process of your insured accident claim.

To begin easing the process, your first step should be coming in for a free consultation with our accident manager. Together you will discuss the details of your incident. The manager will also help you settle in your courtesy car within a couple of hours. We arrange that your insurance is paying for all of this.

Besides providing you with a courtesy car while yours is being repaired, we will also take care of storing your vehicle. Did we mention that all of this is still covered by your insurance?

We will take care of your car at our in-house body shop like it is one of our own. To ensure a transparent and professional service a full report detailing the repairs will be provided.

Our experienced insurance claim handlers will manage the legalities of your claims for both compensation and insurance. This will eliminate the hassle and paperwork, whilst not loosing any claim money.

We would like to highlight once more that you pay nothing starting from the claim management to the point your car is back with you, good as new!

If you qualify, the compensation you deserved is going to be paid to you. It will happen as quickly as possible and without any legal fees or charges. If you need more information or have some questions regarding our Accident Assistance don’t hesitate to contact us.